About the Name

Keverynn.net was a Christmas present from my husband in 2005. I'd wanted one for years but could never really afford it. We could that year so that's what he got me. No, it wasn't really a surprise. We discussed each otehrs gifts that year. He knew exactly what he wanted and I knew what I wanted. It worked out really well.
This site contains the contents of all of my assorted websites scattered throughout the web. Those sites are as follows:
Mako’s Musings, Sailor Moon: Guardians, Sailor Draco, THTC no Miko, Purenightshade , and Twistedshadowangel.

Keverynn, for those of you not yet in the know, is the name of a fictional world that is the setting for both Sword and Sorcery and Sword and Sorcery RPG. The name Keverynn has become so important to me over the years that it was the only real choice for a domain name. A lot of people expected me to use my screen name of Purenightshade as a name, but no. I felt that Keverynn was more appropraite.

Originally, it was called Alastea and was created by me and my best friend HarmonyNote (I haven’t asked or received her permission to use her real name as of yet). Alastea was populated originally by four different groups of dragon riders that were very similar to the Pernese ones copyright to Anne McCaffery, as well as elves and wyver and unicorns. They also fought with the Darkriders. We wrote a ton of material for those characters: bios, the main story, individual back story for the major players. We stopped writing after a while, but we both still have hand written copies of all of it. Perhaps someday, Alastea will live again, but for now, it lives on in Keverynn.

Similarities between Keverynn and Alastea don’t end with the Darkriders. There are dragonriders, but instead of each color belonging to a specific gender and there being many, many colors and color combinations (such as my main dragon character Silvrath being silver-blue), there are only five dragon colors and each contains both genders, much like how the wyvern were designed. (For more on that, visit the Sword and Sorcery subdomain.) There are also a lot of characters in common. I took a lot of our main players and transposed them into the RPG storyline. There are other minor things that I don’t feel like getting into right now that connect the two.

The main site mascot, the child sitting in the corner of this layout, is my Gar-sona. Well, a younger version of her anyways. Originally, we shared a name, Nightshade, but with the site now being a reality, she is henceforth dubbed Keverynn. Why is she there and not one of my story characters? Because I feel that those characters should belong in the appropriate subdomains. Why didn’t I put Makey Stonecastle, the avatar I use on DA and as my general internet image? It’s precisely because I use that particular avatar everywhere else that I chose to use the Gar-sona Keverynn here. Besides, this is Keverynn.net and not Purenightshade.net, nes pa?

About the Host

Keverynn.net is hosted through Flexihostings, a site recommended to me by my friend Karen/DarkMirage. There were a few issues right off the bat when I got this, but they were quickly resolved. I have yet to have any further issues with them. They're a very friendly company and always get back to me when I have questions within a few hours.

I recently upgraded my website from their basic package to the one I have now. this one costs me $16.95/month USD. The package I have with them is as follows: FX PREMIUM
5.5 GB Disk Space
260 GB Premium Bandwidth
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