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Here you will find my rather large collective of sites. Each has their own little sub domain and will open in a new window (or a new tab if your browser has that ability). Please feel free to poke around and drop me a line to let me know if you've enjoyed something or have any questions about anything you see on the site.

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January 18, 2015: I will be doing a bunch of updates to this part of the site so keep your eyes on this page to find out what I've done so far. Today, I updated the character bios in 'Stars of Destiny' and updated the world information for Keverynn. I've updated Keverynn's fanart gallery with some new pieces. Other things I plan to do are:
Update all of the image galleries
Add character information for Keverynn
Make the Keverynn information pages a bit nicer to look as (their just plain text right now)
Create additional information for the races of Keverynn (not all of them have the same things right now)
Add links to where you can purchase the books I have self published so far
Put up a project list so you can track my progress on the various projects I have going
Put up a link to my Patreon site

If there's anything you would like to see me do to the website, feel free to drop me a line at purenightshade@gmail.com

November 27, 2011: Added a link to my Store Envy store.

January 03, 2011: Today was the official launch of Soul of the Blade. Go check it out!

August 19, 2010:Updated the gallery over at Angels of the Night and reorganized the bio page so that it's easier to find things. It was pretty jumbled before but it's better now. I've taken down the story for now as I'm in the process of rewriting segments of it. You can, however, find the first five chapters up in my deviantArt gallery. The cast page has been udpated.

June 03, 2010: A couple more galleries have been updated. The galleries at Keverynn and 'Stars of Destiny' have new images in them.

June 01, 2010: The fanfiction site has a gallery that has been updated. For more details, click here.
The webcomic Shards of Phaeton now has a downloadable .rar file in its archive that contains the first nine chapters of the story as well as a the omakes, Christmas comic, and a few images.

April 11, 2010:
Added some more brand new content to the image galleries at 'Stars of Destiny'.

April 10, 2010:
Chapter 5 of 'Stars of Destiny: Light' has been added to the SoD page. I've revamped and updated the gallery on that site with new content and I've made it much easier to navigate (I hope).

March 30, 2010:
A new chapter has been added to the first arc of 'Stars of Destiny'. I'll be adding some new art to the site over the holidays, so I'll keep you posted on that end.