The land to the south is called Sha’rang by the Iteri people. The Naktik to the north call it Naqiq.

The climate here is much milder than it is in the north, a country they call Jal’rang. There are plenty of trees, rivers, lakes, and sweeping grasslands. For the most part, the Iteri live in the forests, building houses up in the trees. They have made some stone buildings, such as the Enclave of the Soul Blades.

They are ruled by a democracy. From among the people, they elect a leader. That person is usually female but men have been known to take the post. Each town has a hereditary leader and they act as advisors to the elected leader (Consul, Panjandrum).

In contrast to the Iteri, they are darker skinned, light haired, dark eyed, tall, and thin.

Transport is largely accomplished on foot as the Iteri are very fast on their feet. It is said that they are the fastest runners, faster even than the quickest land animals. Only the birds are faster.

Plants make up the majority of their diet as they can gather and grow things in the rich soil.

They possess skilled weavers and cloth makers and wear clothing that makes it easy for them to move but that won’t snag on the trees of their home. The have a love of elegant and elaborate stitching. To be a cloth maker is one of the highest callings an Iteri can aspire to.
The blade masters will often train with almost nothing on to prevent damage to their clothing.