About the People:
Main Language(s): Naktik
Common Traits: They tend to be on the stocky end of the spectrum with pale skin, blue eyes, and dark hair.
Major Religion(s): none
Important Historical Events:
Type of Government: Triumvirate (singular – triumvir, plural – triumviri)
The Triumviri are selected by the Star Guides as a group when they are between the ages of 13 and 20. Together, they train and serve their people until one of them dies. At that time, they are replaced with a new group.
Major Cities:


Cultural notes:
Tattoos are prevalent, especially among the women.

Each person has three names.
The first is the name their mother gave them as soon as she becomes aware that she is pregnant. These names are genderless and almost never used after the child is born. It is believed that giving an unborn child a name prevents an evil spirit from taking over the baby and is a talisman for a good life. Some believe that those who commit serious crimes were children whose mothers didn’t give them their first name soon enough.
The second name is a public name given after birth. This is the most commonly used name.
The third is their soul name. One must quest to find their soul name. It is believed that these names are believed to hold great power and a person can be controlled using this name. They can begin questing for this name once they turn fourteen. Some quest their whole lives and never find it.