The northern most part of the world is called Nakuk by the Naktik people who live there. The Iteri of the south call it Jal’rang.

The climate is very cold and there is almost always snow and ice on the ground except where it come up against the tree line that forms the boundary between Nakuk and what they call Naqiq. Naqiq is the southland, called Sha’rang by the Iteri.

The Naktik live in domed cities to protect themselves from the violent snow storms that blast through during the colder months as well as the wild animals.  When they wish to travel between cities, they will either ride tame caribou or go by dog sled. Skis are sometimes used.

Each household has at least one dog. How many they have is a mark of status.

While the clan structure doesn’t mean what it once did in ancient days, it is still followed strictly. Clan members can petition their chieftain or chieftess to bring a matter before the Triumvirate.

Clothing is made from animal skins and fur. Exposed skin, other than the hands, neck, and face, is frowned upon. While making clothing isn’t a high ranked profession, its one that everyone needs. Clothing is made to be durable and functional rather than durable.

The highest possible calling a Nakuk can aspire to is that of Star Guide, those that watch the stars for signs and guide the people. As they are responsible for choosing the Triumviri they hold a great deal of power.
Aside from Elders, the Storytellers are the most revered person in a clan.

Few Nakuk become blade masters but it’s not an uncommon occurrence; there are at least five at present. At one time, more than half of the blade masters were Nakuk but that time was long ago.


Clan Structure

Hunters, Healers, Story tellers
Artists, Gatherers, Makers


Different clans