Soul Blade: Premise

On the world of Tarang exists an elite group of sword men. They carry swords that hold special power though only a few truly learn to tap into that power. The ancient texts, unreadable to all but a few scholars, tell that these swords each contain the soul of one of the ancient gods, gods that are widely believed to have been slain, ending their reign over the people and bringing about the current age.
            The souls inside are only partially aware of what is going on around them. They lend their strength to their wielder and, occasionally, impart some of their wisdom and magic.
            There is a limited number of these blades, however; not nearly enough to give one to each person who comes to the Enclave to train. Only the strongest earn a soul blade.
            Those who have are considered to be above the law. They roam the north and south lands, lending aid, dispensing justice, and doing whatever they can to keep the peace.