Spam Accounts

Due to the increasing number of spam accounts created on the sever in the last week, I’ve purged the user registrations. Registrations for people I recognize remain unchanged. If your account was deleted in error, please contact me.

Keverynn Astrology

Constellation: River
Date: Newyear 20 – Heartmatch 18
Deity: Visterell
Gem: Aventurine
Flower: Anemone
Animal: Dolphin
Traits: People born under this water sign have a natural born tendency towards positive thinking and tend to view things in a beneficial light. They have good fortune and……

Wolfling Culture

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Siathi Marriage and Bonding

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Path of the Warrior

It’s pretty common knowledge by now that I made the decision late last year to pull all my novels from the sites I sell them on. This was done in order to spruce them up a little and then relaunch them properly. When I self- published my first novel Children of the Dragon back in……

Keverynn Pronunciation Guide

I’ve had some questions about this lately. Just…how do you say these names, anyway? In general, I don’t mind people saying things in whatever manner makes them comfortable, but this is how they’re meant to be said. This only covers the major characters.


Chume’taly – chuum tah LEE
Ryuutenshi – ree-oo-ten-she


Keverynn – keh-VEH-rin
Alastea – ah-lass-TEE-ah…

2020 Reading list

This is the first year I’ve kept track of the things I’ve read. It’s neat to see what my reading habits look like. In total, I read 26 books. It won’t seem like a lot to some, while to others that’s huge. Looking at my list, Most of the titles on it are either graphic……

About Book Piracy

In the age of digital content, piracy is something we’re all familiar with, whether it’s music, movies, or TV shows. Did you know that e-books are also a target for piracy? It’s not something you hear about, but it happens. As an avid reader and someone who hasn’t always had the money to……

Relaunch updates

I’m getting ready to relaunch all of my books starting next month with fresh edits. Not that there was anything wrong with them, strictly speaking, but I’ve gone back over them to clean them up and fix some mistakes I’ve found. I’ve finalized the relaunch schedule and it’s looking great!

Do you want advance notice of……

Naga – Masks

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