I got back an hour and a half ago from my trip to Edmonton. Oh boy. Am I ever tired.

So here’s a breakdown of my trip.


Was in the car almost all day. We got to my mom’s place at 4 where I picked up the jacket I was going to wear at Animethon the next day. Then we went to Walmart so I could pick up a few things I needed. From there, we went to my sister-in-law’s place for a BBQ. Tasty burgers are oh so tasty.


Animethon Day 1. If you’d asked me on Saturday if I’d ever do Artist’s Alley again, I would have said no. I got there at 8:30 and ran into jagris, which was awesome. I was seated at table 30 right beside this really awesome artist I met on the ASAPA forum (and who’s name I can’t actually remember). Valerie?

I made $15 on my first day. I sold two Domo-kun plushies and a meat bun plushie. These Asian girls were going from table to table looking to buy Domo-kun art. My first sale of the day happened at about 9:30 am. Whee!

I completely forgot about the deviantArt panel, so I wasn’t there. The Alley was open until 8, but I cut out at 2 to go to Mongolian Grill with James and the kids. That was awesome food. They gave training chopsticks to my kids. First time they’ve ever used chopsticks and they did super good with them. After lunch, we went to the spray park by the Castledowns YMCA where they got thoroughly soaked and had a blast. Went back to my mom-in-law’s after that for supper.


Day before – no more AA please!

That day – MOAR!

I still left a little early as I had to go to my mom’s for dinner, but it was more awesome than Saturday.

For one thing, the girl who bought the meat bun on Saturday was the artist on the other side of my table from the girl who’s name I can’t remember. This one, though is CrossedDHEarTS. I spent a lot of time talking to her and her sister. Eventually, her sister commissioned me to make a plushie of a Bleach character (don’t know the name but I will post pics later). CrossedDHEarTS herself is interested in getting a few plushies from me as well. Need to look up some stuff on that so I can tell her what kind of munies it will be.

I ran into the Beej, the Ian, the Chibi, the Dan and the Mannie, and the erlkonig at various points in the weekend. I also ran into LunarJadeStyles. As luck would have it, she’s the girlfriend of a guy I’ve known for a very long time. 10 years? I think? A very long time anyways. It was great to chat with her and hilarious as well once I figured out who she was (and vice versa). I realize now that I didn’t get a chance to check out her table and that makes me do a sad face.

I also crashed jagris‘s Webcomic panel. She kind of dragged me to it, though, so I felt compelled to help out. Pimped her comic, my comic, Flaming Pigeon, as well as Posemaniacs and SenshiStock for good measure. Hey, the question of stock art and pose references and such came up, so I had to do it. For the greater good and stuff. There was a guy at the back of the panel I wanted to throw my shoe at, but whatever. It was a fun hour.

I actually sold one of my predrawn Sailormoon Chibi groups, too! For 2 tickets (meaning i earned $2 off the sale). The same guy also commissioned me for a full body image of one of his OCs. This guy had been going around commissioning artists all over the Alley. At one point he had 8 of us drawing for him. It was funny. But he was really nice, too. That image will be posted as well later.

All said and done, I made $48 this weekend and I even sold my Sailormercury plushie. If Sailorluna hadn’t been down in the vendor’s room, I might have sold her as well on Sunday. Oh well. Gave out a lot of business cards and even sold one of the comics off my table. They were cheaper down in the dealer’s room, but the girl who bought one didn’t want to go back there. Can’t really say as I blame her.

I cashed out and went to my mom’s. Dad showed off his new car, James met the new baby and the baby decided that Aunty Pure was the best toy EVAR because i have a necklace she can grab. And long hair. And I make really funny faces. Apparently.

I realized that I completely forgot to eat lunch that day. I was so very very busy with everything.

James went out with some of our friends that night. I joined them for a bit later and that was great fun, especially since Ian’s new girlfriend was there and my other friend Kevin (as well as Beej and LunarJadeStyles).

Edit: I realized last night as I was going through my camera files that I’d forgotten to take a picture of that plushie lion Bleach-thing commission. I sad faced for half an hour.


We had some banking to do, so we did that first thing.

With that done, I took the kids shopping to spend my hard earned AA money. My Buffy DVD set is now complete and I got another book. Got some groceries taken care of as well and went back to mom-in-law’s to eat a quick lunch before we took our little people to the zoo. We spent 3 hours at the zoo. They had so much fun!

Back to mom-in-law’s for dinner. James went out for coffee with a few friends after the kids went to bed. He was filled in on a few things concerning Animethon that make me worried if the con will even run next year. Here’s hoping.


I is completely wasted. I’m going to hide in a corner and gibber for a bit now.