Post mortem is a good term for this. It was a fabulous weekend but I feel like death. Conventions are exhausting and I always feel rough the day after I get home, but I also don’t go into one with a sore throat I’ve had for 2 weeks (at that point), nor do I typically take a sick table assistant with me. Poor thing nearly fell asleep at our table a few times on Sunday afternoon.

First of all, I would like to say how much I deeply appreciate the continued early bird rates. I get my table paid for so early in the year that I don’t even think about it. It was also nice this year that SaskExpo partnered with the hotel I like to stay in, meaning a discount. Bonus!

They had a dedicated eating area for vendors and vendor/artist only wi-fi. The only problem with that last one was that I never did manage to get the password for it. The point is that it was there. They keep making things better and I appreciate their efforts.

We really enjoyed the live animals in attendance: Rat Rescue, Kitten Rescue, and the Saskatoon Reptile Rescue. It was fantastic to start both days off by cuddling kittens. We took an hour out of our day on Saturday to go see the reptile show. My daughter/helper/table partner is a huge reptile nerd so that was awesome for her. I have a great shot of her holding a snake.

Sales were decent, but I was more impressed at what we sold. I’ve had some items on my table for years and they’re finally gone. We’re not talking tiny things either but bulky plushies and pillows. Packing to go home was so much easier. My original works did far better than the fanwork, which surprised me. It’s always the other way around unless I’m at a small, local craft fair.

I’m a bit disappointed that none of my books sold this year, but next year I’ll have new ones out so hopefully the additions will help with that.

I’ve done this particular convention enough times now that I’ve gotten to know the other artists a bit more. Lots of my colleagues do these as a job but I mostly do it for the fun and for meeting other artists, talking to them, and exchanging art tips. There’s a writer that I got to know last year and she was back again. It was so great to talk to her about writing and just stuff in general.

All in all, a good year and we’ll be back again for Expo 2020.