Character: Soulstar
Series: Stars of Destiny
Doll base: Monster High Spectra Vondergeist (bought second hand) 
Hair: doll’s original hair 
Paints: white, black, metallic amethyst, African violet, skin tone 
Date completed: April 7, 2020

With fabric and craft stores closed down its a lot harder to do things. She’s not complete as I don’t have anything that would work for her armbands. Her shirt is a little too small, which would be fine but the ribbon is fraying. I cut it out of a wider ribbon and forgot to fray stop it. I can fix that, but I might just remake her shirt when I get access to better materials.

What she’s wearing right now is made from minky, which admittedly there’s nothing wrong with, but it’s a pain to cut out especially on such a small scale and it makes her waist look a lot wider than it really is. Ideally, I’d use the same kind of fabric I used on Starfire, which is a strechy jersey, only in black. 
I have a doll body I want to dye black so I might just take some of my white jersey and add it to the pot while I’m doing that, now that I think about it.

In a perfect world the bottom of her ponytail would hit the ground but I didn’t really feel like rerooting her. Besides, I really liked this doll’s two-toned purple and felt it suited the character. Her skin has been completely repainted. There’s still some white showing around the joints where moving the pieces rubbed at the paint and sealant.

Her belt fastens with snaps and slides around a lot on the minky, which is another problem. It’s also not very tight, but that’s ok. I’ll have to shrink it anyway when she has thinner pants.

Her gemstone should be an oval, so this is more accurate than Starfire’s. It was clear before it had a few coats of metallic purple applied to it.