Character: Guardian Starfire
Series: Stars of Destiny
Doll base: DC Super Hero Girls Bat Girl Action Doll (found second hand)
Hair: Tiger Lily from

While Starfire isn’t the first one of the set that I started working on, she’s the first one finished. I stared with Starwind first but ran out of hair so I had to order more. 

The main problem I had with this doll was that her hands were black plastic. It wasn’t painted, they were made that way. So I had a heck of a time trying to repaint them to match the rest of the skin tone. I didn’t quite get it right as the hands are a little darker than the rest of her. 

The leg straps on her pants were initially loose they needed to be fixed. The gemstone should also be a diamond but I don’t have anything that shape. I could have cut it out of fabric but I didn’t think it would look as nice so I went with nicer and less accurate.

Her arm and foot bands are painted with metallic red paint to make them a little bit nicer.