Character: Guardian Starleaf
Series: Stars of Destiny
Doll base: WWE Superstars Charlotte Flair (bought new) 
Hair: Dollyhair Envy
Paints: white, black, fresh foliage, extreme glitter 
Date complete: April 17, 2020

I need wider tubing to make her armband but otherwise she’s done. This is my first complete doll using pencils instead of paints to do the face. I still need to practice doing this, but I’m pretty pleased that I figured this out.

I debated for a long time if I was going to give her the ears  or not but decided against it, mostly because I’m still new to dolling and the thought of baking clay onto a doll head freaked me out. I don’t have any air dry so that wasn’t an option. Then I’d have to paint it to match and that’s problematic.

I love how muscular this doll is.