Character: Guardian Starwind
Series: Stars of Destiny
Doll base: Ever After High Apple White (bought second hand)
Hair: Dollyhair Water nixie
Paints: white, black, light blue, metallic ice blue, teal
Date completed: April 12, 2020

My third complete doll. I had to repaint half her face after styling her hair. There’s something not quite right with my sealant. It doesn’t seem to matter what I do, the doll faces just smear off. So her repainted parts aren’t sealed. I’m looking into a new sealant.

Her pants are more form fitting than Starfire’s. That’s not on purpose, but I like it for her character. Her gem had to be painted that colour using a clear stone as a base. This character is supposed to have bangs but after how badly that went with Starfire I opted to leave her hair all one length. 

The hank of hair I bought for her is the same as what I bought for Starfire and yet her hair wound up being longer. I find that interesting. Again, that also works for the character. All of the Guardians have ridiculously long hair, but if this doll winds up having the longest hair of the four, that’s fine. 

Unlike Starfire, her belt isn’t attached to her pants.

She’s 99% complete. I don’t have the material I need to make her armband. 

I’m genuinely pleased with how she turned out.