Character: Fate

Series: Stars of Destiny

Doll base: Snapstar Echo (bought new)
Hair: blond snapstar wig (bought new)
Paints: deep red, lemonade, black

Date completed: April 26, 2020

This custom is different from my others and is something of an experiment. I’d never heard of the Snapstar dolls before I bought her. I have to say these are a clever line of dolls. I love how much articulation they have. The glass eyes make it a bit difficult to customize. At least, at my degree of skill. I’m sure there’s a way to do it.

This doll had blue hair originally, but they sell blond wigs for them that worked just fine.

I’m particularly pleased with her boots. They were made from a pair of Snapstar doll boots that came in one of their fashion packs. Took the tops off, made the new tops from cloth, thread, embroidery floss, and velcro.