Base: Raven queen (Ever after high, second hand)
Hair: Dollyhair Saran Wildfire Auburn

Date completed: June 1, 2020

Ever After High dolls really seem to hate me. I’m 2 for 2 with necks breaking while trying to remove the heads on these things. Her neck peg snapped right off into her head. I had to enlarge her head hole to get it back, which made putting her head back on really challenging. Let’s just say there’s a lot of hot glue involved.

That aside, I had a lot of fun with her. She was my first real try at using chalk pastels. Her whole body is blushed, not that you can see it with all her clothes on.

I didn’t make those pants. They came with another another doll I bought and have been in my clothing box for a while. They’re actually too big for the doll, but since this doll is a representation of me, it works for my aesthetic. My jeans are often too long as I’m a tall person with long legs.

Her boots are from a Batgirl doll repainted all black with some dark blue dry brushing.

That wrist cuff is one of Supergirl’s, just repainted black. One of my favourite bracelets is a black leather wrist cuff. This is the closest I could come to simulating that.

The tank top and hoodie are hand sewn. Both are blue because blue is my favourite colour.

Her hands are painted to look like she has blue fingerless gloves. These represent the crafting gloves my daughter bought me for Christmas last year. They’re honestly wonderful.

I’d repainted a pair of Monster High glasses for her but forgot to put them on her for the photo shoot.

No doll version of me would be complete without my buddy, Bandit.

And yes, I do have long hair. not exactly that long, but when it’s all straight like that it’s pretty close. My hair actually has a fair amount of wave to it. I kind of prefer her like this if I’m honest. With how fragile her neck assembly is I don’t really want to risk stressing her out by trying to curl the hair.