Character: Pyre

Series: Stars of Destiny

Doll base: Snapstar (bought new)
Hair: doll’s original wig

Date completed: June 6, 2020

I’d initially bought a was using a Moana doll to use for her, but her hands kept ruining every attempt at a shirt pattern, no matter how big I made the sleeves. I had this one as a backup, fortunately and she actually worked out better. Her hair and face are much more suited to Hana/Pyre’s character.

The added bonus to using this type of doll is that I was just able to use the same clothing patterns that I used for Fate (linked below).

Her boots are a little lumpy but this was my first attempt to use air dry clay. They were formed, stiffened with toothpicks, and painted with acrylics once they were dried and sanded down.