Character: Sailorphaeton

Series: Sailormoon/Stars of Destiny

Doll base: WWE Superstars Eva Marie Doll (bought new)
Hair: Dollyhair Saran Wildfire Auburn

Date completed: April 25, 2020

In theory, she’s an easy design. In practice she was really hard. 50% of her difficulty was the boots. 40% was figuring out how to make her clothing removable. I went through four different attempts to make her shoes before I gave up and modified the shoes the doll came with to get the base and added ribbon and plastic rings for the rest. As you can see from the back view they aren’t, strictly speaking, perfect as the bands don’t go all the way around and they’re missing the gold buckles. As far as my first (relatively) successful attempt to make custom shoes go, I’m happy with it. I’ll likely tweak them into a more accurate version somewhere down the road, but for now, this works for me.

Her tiara is made from a really thin piece of gold polymer clay. I used the same stuff for her broach. I learned the hard way that thin clay snaps, but this stayed nice and flexible without snapping on me. Her gemstone is a custom painted super tiny rhinestone I had sitting around. I think it was pink originally? It was supposed to be held on with clear elastic but no amount of hot glue was keeping the elastic on, so I had to switch up to thin white ribbon instead. It’s tied with a bow in the back.

Her gloves weren’t as hard as I thought although the initial pattern was too tall, almost Eternal length.

The front bow is held on with snaps and the collar is just on with thin velcro. The bodice detaches at the shoulder with snaps and the skirt is also only on with snaps. The back bow is glued onto the skirt.

So all her clothes come off. I have other outfits planned for her.