Character – Typhoon

Series: Stars of Destiny

Doll base: Mulan (second hand)
Hair: doll’s original

Date completed: April 25, 2020


Her face went through a few different versions before I got this one. She was my first real try at using watercolor pencils. I experimented with her before I did Starleaf and Sailorphaeton. I’d also done Pyre’s face as well, but she’s not been posted anywhere yet.

She should have a purple band at the top of her sleeves, but I couldn’t get it to work out.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday morning trying to dye some sheer fabric to get it navy. The best I managed was this weird lavender colour. I went through a whole bottle of Rit dye and this was the best I could do. It’ll have to do.

Her boots are made from some modified Barbie high heels I picked up at Walmart and the same fabric and ribbon I used on the rest of her uniform. The purple material has a slight pattern to it, which isn’t ideal but my options are limited. They came out baggier than I intended, but that’s ok.