Character: Vulturia

Series: Stars of Destiny (Book 1)

Doll base: Frankie Stein with an Abbey Bominable head (both bought used)
Hair: Dollyhair After Midnight
Paints: raw sienna and cinnamon brown (body)

Date completed: May 12, 2020

I’ve been working on this for weeks now. Her original head went missing somewhere so I had to get a new one.

Her hair showed up last week which made it finally possible to finish her. She was almost done a couple days ago and then my dog somehow got into the container I keep my in progress dolls in and damaged the paint on her head. I also had to redo her face.

I didn’t have any suitably plain brown fabric but that patterned stuff I used suits her.

Her wings are made from white craft foam. I really should have painted them before I assembled them. Painting them after the fact as the tutorial suggests is a real pain.

The dress pattern is for Barbie dolls so it’s a little too big for a Monster High body. As a result, it’s sewn on as tightly as I can get it. I wasn’t planning on her clothing being changeable anyways so this is fine.