My doll making has ground to a halt as I ran out of my sealant last week. I’ve got more on order, but it hasn’t arrived yet. The website says at the latest it will get here Thursday, but that’s Thursday. In the meantime I’ve been working on patterns, outfits, and accessories, but it’s not quite the same.

I was poking around in my office and I found this…tiny cat. It was stupidly easy to repaint it to match the coat pattern of my cat Bandit. I actually have two cats, but my other one is a super flooyfy Himalayan, so the decision of which cat to repaint the figure into wasn’t a hard one.

Bandit’s not the brightest cat in the world, but he’s so nice and he’s my buddy. His name is well earned as he’ll try to steal whatever you’re eating, going so far as to grab your hand and pulling it towards him. He once tried to eat a muffin out of my mouth. Yeah. He’s a bandit. But he’s the most loyal cat and I love him to bits.

He was painted with a base coat of gesso before applying white and black acrylic paint. His eyes are metallic mint pearl. I gave his coat a dry brush with a shade of dark grey to try and bring out some of the detail in the figure. And yes, he does have a black nose and black toe beans. They’re friggin’ cute. At one point he had pink toe beans on one foot because the idiot stepped on a hot stove. He’s since healed and his pads are all black again. Like I said. Not bright.