Full Name: Ashrinn Chimekin
Age: 31
Hair/eye colour – Atharia: Red/Green
Hair/eye colour – Keverynn: Red/Green
Skin tone: Caucasian
Type of build: Thin and light
Predominant feature: eyes
Favourite colour: red
Habits: She likes her tea sweet.
Hobbies: She loves horses and horseback riding
Level of Education: Academy training. She completed her training in Atraya District.
Employment: She is employed by the Fugitive Recovery Agency. Most of her assignments had been on Shallar-class ships
Known family members: mother, father, two siblings. Her father’s brother owned a ranch just outside of Dretha’rel and she rode every chance she could get when she went to visit them.
Her Aunt Shivann taught her how to weave intricately knotted bracelets She died three months before Ashrinn left with the crew of the Shrike. Therenn and Anell are her brother and sister.
Most at ease when: Listening to music
Ill at ease when: Having to make difficult decisions
Greatest source of strength: Her unfailing optimism and her tendency to try and befriend everyone.
Greatest source of weakness: She trusts people too much and believes that, in the end, everyone is a good person at heart.
Soft spot: underdogs
Optimist or pessimist: Optimist; she always believes in people
Introvert or extrovert: Introvert; despite her belief, she doesn’t want to be hurt
Talents: Art and music
Other skills: She is fluent in the human language as well as the Swimmer language. She’s highly sensitive to magic. She learned basic sword skill during her time in the Ryuutenshi Valley.
Character flaws: Too open-hearted
Long range goals: Restore the Sisterhood of Sword and Sorcery and defeat the Darkriders
Ranks and titles: Agent, Warrior
Background: She’s from an old fashioned family as is evidenced by how her name is spelled. No one uses the double n to end names anymore. That went out of style a few hundred years ago.

Her parents never permitted her to have boys at the house over night while she was living with them and when she left home it was to attend the Academy. She never had much if any time for relationships. It’s only been three years since she graduated to full Agent status. She’s been more focused on her job than on such things.
Physical notes: She’s thin and light. Her hands have long fingers.

Apparel: The uniform worn by Fugitive Recovery Agents is fairly simplistic but easily identifiable. The design is essentially the same for both genders. It’s a blue jacket and pair of trousers. Under the jacket they wear a black high collared shirt. The jacket has a zipper pocket on the upper left sleeve, a buttoned pocket on the lower right sleeve, and a pocket with no closures on the lower left front side. They wear their circular badge on the left breast. The shoulders are padded with grey edged black pads.

All Agents wear a black belt with a round, silver buckle around their waist, black boots, and a black weapons holster around their right thigh. If an Agent is left handed, the holster may be moved to their left thigh.

The ryuutenshi made each of them a uniform based on that worn by officers in the ryuutenshi army. Ashrinn’s is a deep red short sleeved jacket with golden trim at the ends of the sleeves, around the collar, down the open front, and along the bottom hem. Beneath it is a more vivid red shirt, also with gold edging along the bottom hem.
Her black trousers are snug, showing off her long legs and slim curves. Her boots are knee high and white but with dark red knee high spats covering them.
She wears metallic bands around her wrists that are the same color as her jacket with a thin gold band through the middle.