Name: Mnehashuk
Race: Human
Age: 20
Birthdate: Week of Tarsis, Day 04, 1166 AF
Patron by birth: Year: Szinre Prey Pacer Week: Tarsis Sharpeyes
Group Affiliation: Soulforge Alliance
Occupation: Rose Knight
Title: Knight of Ayre
House Affiliation: Filtolos
Physical description: She has knee length blond hair that is usually tied back in some kind of tail, whether it be a simple pony tail or braided in some fashion. She is a shameless clothes horse and will wear whatever is fashionable at the time. Her eyes a velvety brown color. She’s not overly tall at 5’3’’.
Personality: She’s a light hearted person for the most part, but is very sensitive about the fact that her House is from the lower middle class while the other Rose Knights are from higher raking ones. She gets very defensive of her House. She’s proud of her heritage and even prouder of her position as a Rose Knight.
House Colors:
House Gemstone:  Opal

Sigil:  interlock squares and the symbol for smoke
Aura Colors:
Weapon: She wilds a sword called the Windblade

Primary Power Source: Ayre
Secondary Power Source: air
Primary Realm of Influence: wind
Secondary Realm of Influence: purity