Sometimes you can release a project into the wild and not worry about it. Sometimes that so-called finished project is so heavily riddled with errors that it makes you want to cry. So why did I do that with AotN? The plain and simple fact is that I didn’t realize how bad it was when I first published it in 2013. I knew there was a scene that needed to be fixed, but that was once scene. I fully intended to go back and fix this one, relatively minor continuity issue when getting ready to write part 2 of this story.

Then my friend over at Iron Dragon started reading it. It was fine at first, pointing out a few mistakes. Then we hit on some problems with the early part of the book and…I spent the last couple days rewriting parts of it.

General wisdom states that you never get another writer to beta read your work. The belief there is that they’d suck all the creativity out of it or try to rewrite the thing. It wasn’t my intention to have her beta this, but it was actually nice to have another person with a writer brain look at this book and point out problems.

The end result is a slightly updated version of it, currently only available on Smashwords. This is listed as second edition. Enough of the book has changed that I can’t justify still labeling it as the first edition.

The character list for this version has been updated and I took the glossary out of the back. It felt clunky having it there.