Meet my obsession from the last…couple months? I bought a Pullip MIO kit from Pullip Style. If you’re not familiar with these kits they’re wonderful. They don’t come with English instructions but there are quite a few Youtube videos that can walk you through the process of assembling your doll.

Working on her face was so relaxing. It’s such a big space that controlling my brush was never a problem.

Her wig is hand made with absolutely gorgeous fibers from Boutique Lawrichai on Etsy. I didn’t order enough wefts, but it turns out that the length of the wefts were twice as long as I needed, so I was able to cut them and make new ones. The problem with that is that I’d never made hair wefts before. It looks great in the picture, but not so much up close. There are some unfortunate gaps and I can still see some of the glue. It should have dried clear but hasn’t for some reason.
The wig cap was easy enough. I’d made a couple of those before for a doll (but his hair isn’t here yet so I can’t finish the wigs).
For a first wig I’m reasonably happy. The nice thing about wigs is that they aren’t permanent. I can make her a new one later.

Her clothes are things I had in my stock box, left over from dolls that had been turned into customs already. She has a box of things that fit her. I’ll likely make some stuff just for her down the line, but for now she’s dressed and looks cute.