Or, you know, stuff just happens.

It hasn’t been a pleasant go this last week. I’ve been struggling to find motivation to do much of anything. The change in weather triggering my migraines hasn’t helped. 4 of those suckers in a row and my brain was pudding by Sunday night. Monday morning I had this weird dizzy spell. I wound up lying down on the couch all morning, in and out of consciousness. The bright side to that was my dog, Maple. She stayed with me, even when my husband came up to have his shower. Typically, she follows him to the bathroom, but this time she stayed put.

If I’m honest, I’m still not feeling 100%.

It’s not helping that I oopsed and upset an author I respect earlier today. The less said, the better, but I still feel awful about it. Not long after that a friend I gave free copies of some of my books to offered to read one as a beta. Now, when I gave her these books I did so with no expectations except that she enjoy them. It was…overwhelming when she offered.

I don’t cry often. I try very, very hard not to. It’s not some emotional bottling or macho thing. Crying can trigger my migraines so it’s more of a self defense thing. I bawled. The feels were just too much.

So…I’ll just be over here sobbing while finishing up beta reader questions, but in a happy way.