It’s pretty common knowledge by now that I made the decision late last year to pull all my novels from the sites I sell them on. This was done in order to spruce them up a little and then relaunch them properly. When I self- published my first novel Children of the Dragon back in 2012 I didn’t know as much about marketing or Indie publishing as I do now. I also know a lot more about writing than I did, which is a big reason why I’m doing this.

I’m taking a somewhat different approach with Path of the Warrior and its sequels, however. I made the decision to reach out and enlist the aid of beta readers. It’s been hit or miss with this, but I’ve gotten some great feedback so far and a lot of it is very similar. It’s encouraging. Rewrites hav begun on some of the early chapters, but this project is going to take time to complete. At this juncture, I don’t know when I’ll be able to release this book.

The biggest changes so far, beyond the early sections, are a couple names.

The ryuutenshi species are now the siathi. The Ryuutenshi Valley has been renamed Salcreria. I’m presently updated the species lore to relect this.

The character Kamien Strongshore has a new first name of Yumori to avoid confusion with Kenian.