A wolfling’s shape is determined in the womb, but they don’t learn how to shift into it until their late teens to early twenties. Shape isn’t genetic; it’s rare for a child to have the same shape as a parent. No one is really sure what determines a child’s shape and theories abound for how to determine what a child’s shape will be based on what the pregnancy was like, what things the child likes to do, and so on.
There are several well-documented cases of children who learn to use their shape earlier than they should, usually to escape from a serious threat. Its uncommon bordering on the rare, but it has happened.
As with all shape changing species on Keverynn, they only have one shape they can become.


Of all of the people on Keverynn, none can manipulate magical energies as skillfully as the wolflings. It was a wolfling who originally founded the Sisterhood of Sword and Sorcery, hence why the Sisterhood is located on Vileshte. Their skill with magic is partly due to their shape changing and the circumstances that caused it, but even before that they had great skills. Even the weakest among them can use basic magic. Where the other species on Keverynn tend to have affinities with particular element, a wolfling has an equal affinity to all of them. Humans are the only other race that comes close, but even they lean more towards some elements more than the others.
Wolflings also have the highest number of Spirit users.