These dragons have a soft hide covering their bodies. Their heads sport a three pronged crest that looks more like three horns. One prong runs over the top of the head while the other two run above the eyes and reach to the back. All three prongs curve downwards slightly. Their forelegs are shorter than their hind legs and they are skilled at walking on their back legs, though they can’t do so for long. The front feet have five claws that act like hands while the back feet have four clawed toes. The wing arms have three thin bones that run down from the hands, segmenting the wing into four sections. Each hand has a single claw on it.

They don’t really get along with tiann, or many of the other dragon species for that matter. They’re quite fussy about who they like and don’t like.
Golds tend to be promiscuous in their favors and don’t keep their mates past the hatching of the eggs. Both parents take turns guarding the eggs and caring for them until that point, however.


Size: 115 to 131 feet (35-40 meters)
Territory: Gira’loyis Province
Special Ability: Solinn can speak all languages, whether they be humanoid or animal. They are the only dragon species that can speak to two-leggeds without Choosing a rider.
Breath Weapon: They breathe fire that is produced by a volatile chemical secreted by a glad at the base of their throat. When that chemical contacts the air, it ignites.
Egg Colour: pale yellow with a smooth texture
Hatching Grounds: Solinn lay their eggs in marshy areas to keep them warm and safe.
Lifespan: Solinn  have a surprisingly long lifespan, exceeding that of the other dragons. On average, they can live nearly seven centuries and some can live even longer than that.
Reproductive Cycle: These dragons woo their potential mates with presents.