A chume’taly’s average lifespan is approximately 37 years. The longest on record is 53 years.

The gestation period is usually around 4 months for most types and will sometimes be a little longer. Each pregnancy will produce from one to three cubs. The young have an accelerated development, roughly double the growth seen in human children.

Chume’taly music is mostly percussive in nature, utilizing drums and reed pipes. They are the only species on Keverynn that uses wind chimes as an instrument.
They have a form of ancestor veneration and have a great respect for the ancestors.

Jewelry is mostly made of polished wood, but metal work shows up on occasion. Such items are a mark of prestige as they must be imported in.


Their hands aren’t at all like human hands but look more like animal paws. They have 5 distinct digits and have opposable thumbs, but their fingers and palms have soft pads. They have elongated fingernails that are reminiscent of claws. In their humanoid form, these claws are non-retractable. They aren’t as dextrous as the more humanoid races on Keverynn and they don’t feel as much through their hands as most. The pads are quite sensitive, particularly to temperature.