The tallest wolfling on record stood at an impressive 5’7’’(about 170 cm). The average height for them is about 5’2’’(about 157.5 cm). They have ears similar in size to a human’s, but they are tapered to a thin point at the tips. Their eyes are slanted slightly. In build, they tend to be fairly solid, but the odd one turns out slender.

Coloration is quite light. The darkest hair color is a light brown. Blonds make up the bulk of the population. Other hair colors are white and varying shades of grey. Eye coloring is likewise light with pale blue, silver, leaf green, and lavender comprising the normal spectrum. Other colors are extremely rare.

Physically, a wolfling doesn’t look particularly dangerous, but they are the strongest bipedal species on Keverynn.

As wolflings are a very long lived species, they take longer to mature than Keverynn’s other races. To start with, adulthood is granted close to their 50th year of life with full physical maturity being reached around their 30th year. Gestation takes 18 months to complete. During the very early stages of pregnancy, it isn’t recommended for mothers to shape change as it can cause miscarriage. In the last few months however, it’s encouraged.