Territory of Origin: Nomadic territory of Aurann
Trivia: They’re the official mascot of Aurann. Every Aurannian Tal’jeerann has had at least one as a pet.

General Personality Traits: Unlike many canids, they’re not always pack animals. Typically, they live in small family groups, but some are known to be solitary. They’ve been known to climb trees.
Actions: They use a pouncing technique when hunting. Using their pronounced canine teeth, they shake a prey animal until it’s dead, or until the animal can be disemboweled. They’ve been known to climb trees. Pregnant females will cache food. They have been known to be domesticated.
Sounds: bark, whine, yelp
Intelligence: These animals are highly intelligent, but have no language that is understood by people.
Habitat: grasslands

Gender and age distinctions
Young: cub
Juvenile: kit
Adult female: Vixen
Adult male: Todd
Group: Skulk

Colouration: Their fur is sand-coloured with darker colors on their lower legs. They have black tips on their large ears.
Flesh Covering: fur
Number of Eyes: two
Positioning: front
Tails: 2 with darker fur at the tips
Mode of walking: quadrupedal
Foot type: three-toed with retractable claws
Warm or cold-blooded: warm
Sleep pattern: most active in the early morning and early evening
Average Height: 12-18 inches
Average Length: 18-25 inches
Average Weight: between 4.1 and 8.7 kg (9.0 and 19.2 lbs)

Estrus: once a year
Gestation: 50-55 days
Size of litter: 1-5
Type of offspring: live birth
Raised by: parents
Birth length: 2-4 inches
Birth weight: 3-5 ounces
Eyes open: 3-4 weeks
State at birth: blind, fine film of hair
Weaned: 7-8 weeks
Independant: 6 months
Maturity: 9 months
Standard Life Expectancy: In the wild, their typical lifespan is two to five years, although individuals may live up to ten years. Domesticated individuals have been known to live twice as long as their wild cousins.

They are largely carnivores, but have been known to eat wild berries on occasion. Primary prey species for them are rodents, small birds, rabbits, and squirrels.