It’s not widely spoken of, but they have continued to venerate Tahklevehann, the Father of the wolfling race. If an outsider knew what to look for, this would be quite obvious. Wolf’s Head symbols and depictions of the Wolf’s Head constellation are prevalent throughout their ornamentation and decoration. Pearl is the most favored gemstone and holly is a special plant to them. Holly plants are present in most homes and images of it are dyed, embroidered, and carved into clothing and furniture.

They do have a belief in reincarnation, which is unique on Keverynn. They believe that their essence (called Kiil) goes to the Sacred Forest after the body dies where it rests. In some cases, this Kiil gets reborn into a new body in order to help guide the wolflings either individually or as a whole in times of trouble. Reincarnation (or Kiil’jahad) has little to do with how a person has lived their life, though it’s mutually agreed that those who have led a bad life are unsuited for Kiil’jahad. This is a sacred thing to the wolflings and is not joked about. To make a false claim of being reincarnated (or Kill’jahad’renn) is a serious offense to them. Not in the sense that it’s criminal, but in the sense that it offends them personally. Such people are permanently labeled as liars until their death. Outside of Kiil’jahad, they also have a kind of ancestor worship much as the Horyin Nomads do. While they have a great respect for the Kiil’jahad’renn, they hope to never see one of their ancestors reborn, as it is a sign of great troubles to come. One of the prayers they have is one to keep their Ancestors up in the Sacred Forest. They often leave offerings of holly as well as rowan and sweet pea on the grave sites to that end, as rowan is the sacred wood of Morshann, patron Deity of the entire world and sweet pea is sacred to Krillinn, Deity of the Afterlife.
The Ancestors can be asked for guidance in hard times, but given their fear that an Ancestor will come back to them, times are quite hard before this plea is even made.