Seqenn have large scales that have a slight gleam to them, though they aren’t as shiny as the scales of a tian. They have two horns on their head that run backwards on the head from just above and behind the eyes. The wing arms have a single finger capped with a thin claw. There are two thin bones that split the wing into three segments. The wing itself is somewhat ragged looking. Seqenn have bony protrusions on their knees and two massive, clawed toes on their feet. The hands are five fingered and designed much like a human’s hands. They are the only dragons on the mainland to have anything other than a smooth tail as they have a sharp, spade like tip on their tail. Their eyes have an appearance much like a human’s.

Some seqenn have mastered human skills such as writing and using tools. Seqenn  are monogamous. Once they’ve taken a mate, they will stay with that other dragon. Should one of them die, it’s rare that the surviving partner will find another mate. Young dragons who lose a mate are more likely to find a new mate than older ones. They both watch the eggs and take turns fetching food for their offspring.

They get along relatively well with the other dragon species, but it does tend to vary among individuals.





Size: 98 to 115 feet (30-35 meters)
Territory: Ta’lakivor Province
Special Ability: They are able to predict the weather in their area and, in the case of older dragons, control it to some extent, such as steering rain clouds to another area.
Breath Weapon: They produce a static discharge that looks like a bolt of lightning.
Egg Colour: sky blue
Hatching Grounds: Seqenn lay their eggs in nests made from the yellowish grasses native to the Province. Nesting sites range across the province. They prefer sheltered valleys as locations to build their nests. Males are the nest builders and the most impressive nests are the ones that lure females.
Lifespan: Blue dragons can live up to 500 years, but they tend to have shorter life spans as they’re constantly fighting the wyvern to keep them from crossing the river.
Reproductive Cycle: Blue dragons will build nests to attract females. It isn’t always the biggest one that gets the female.