Rakloli are the swiftest flyers as they are light in weight as well as highly agile. They are constantly trying to expand their territory. As the ketali are the least numerous, the rakloli often pick fights with them to gain more land.

Stormrunner’s Hollow is their stronghold. It is almost never depicted on maps as most people still believe that Storm Castle is their stronghold. At one time that had been true, but the curse places on the castle just prior to the First Darkrider Incursion that killed all of its inhabitants as well as every living thing inside the forest around it caused them to abandon it entirely.

Males of this species aren’t as timid as blacks but are nowhere near as bold as greens. They are distinguished from the females by their smaller horns, white talons, and dark red wingsails.






Size: 23-28 hands at shoulder (92-112 inches/234.6-285.6 cm)
Special Ability: It is impossible to lie to a blue wyvern and as such they rarely associate with humans and don’t often choose riders. They are more than willing to fight in wars though.
Breath Weapon: They produce a static discharge that looks like a bolt of lightning much like a seqenn does.
Eggs: eggs are a dull grey-blue colour
Hatching Grounds: Rakloli like to find a nice, dark den to lay their eggs in. They prefer sandy ones to rocky ones.