High clan: M’peln
Mid clan: S’rethran
Mid clan: G’foril
Low clan: L’trusha

Noyolu chume’taly range in colour from black to medium grey. The occasional one has white markings. Singe colour pelts are more desirable, especially in the M’peln and S’rethran clans. Their litters are quite small, up to three kits only. A matriarchy of sorts was developed as a result in order to prevent the trade and theft of female kits.


High clan: H’let
Mid clan: B’nyern
Mid clan: A’melren
Low clan: Z’patchn

H’let is the one high clan that is noticeably smaller than the low clan and rules absolutely. Dafaum employs an odd form of patriarchal society where the male is the one that holds the title, but he acquires it through his mate and it passes to the eldest female child. From there it passes to her mate and so on and so forth in a matrilineal succession.


High clan: T’kern
Mid clan: T’ketchn
Mid clan: D’nyer
Low clan: Q’xer


High clan: Y’naraln
Mid clan: O’makel
Mid clan: Z’char
Low clan: M’trawn

Kehua’kmi, as a general rule, are very peaceful. Disputes are settled by forms of traditional one-on-one competition, such as duels, races, swimming, or logic puzzles. They are ruled by an elected set of five clan elders. These elders are frequently elderly members of the community and Masters of a particular craft.