Culturally, dragons have an oral tradition that dates back to the early days of the world as they are the oldest race on Keverynn, followed by the wyvern. According to them, Amasuyeva is a real being who is the immortal mother of the dragon race. Her First Children are also quite real: Aellar the blue, Arrack-kemann the white, Tuarethel the gold, Verenmisce the green, and Lashante the silver. Main land dragons don’t have any oral traditions that include Dainalshenn the black or Jankatrey the red as red and black dragons exist only on the Alastean Islands.

Also revered is Cynaria, the guardian of Ana-Lashann. She is Lashante’s daughter. Belaref, the green dragon that the chume’taly claim to be the guardian of the same moon, is Verenmisce’s mate.