Their tradition dictates that the dead are to be cremated. Pyres are made from brick and fueled with oil and some of the long grass that makes up the valley. Their wing feathers are highly flammable as well. Family members often keep a feather from their loved one’s wing as a remembrance. Ashes from the pyre are collected in a specially made urn and placed with the urns of past family members in a special vault.

Siathi don’t believe in ghosts. They believe that the soul moves on after death, released by the fire.

Funerals are conducted by either the Tower Master or the village elder depending on where the deceased was from. The body is cleaned and dressed by members of their family before the funeral. The oil used in the pyre is made with an herb that only grows in the Draewood. The oil has a distinct fragrance and is only used for siathi funerals. It’s sacred to them.