Their size suits them quite well as they aren’t too small or too big. They are the most skilled hunters among the wyvern. They are known to be more solitary in nature than the other wyvern. Clans are very loosely formed from a group of eight females and their harems who all share mutual hunting grounds. Females have been known to even share parts of their kills with their harem.

Their stronghold is located in the Spearpoint Mountains near the border with the red wyvern. The High Matriarch, however, lives in Belladonna Manor. The manor house is quite large, given that it was designed to hold both wyvern and their riders and support staff. It boasts an unheard of 75 sets of bed chambers with another 25 or so rooms for other purposes.

The least famous of the three major locations in the Verdigris territories is Blade Hollow. It is a notorious slave mine that produces a great deal of raw materials that are largely made into blades, hence its name.

Males of this species are quite bold, a far cry from the timid, cringing creatures found in other species. Males can often be found in the armies acting as drudges, pack beasts, and as cannon fodder. Females nearly always take their harems with them into battle unless they have a clutch that needs watching. Mybekli have a noticeably higher tolerance of males of any species and tend to find them amusing more than annoying.

The males are distinguished by their small size, blue wingsails, and solid green talons.


Size: 17-25 hands at shoulder (68-120 inches/173.4-255 cm)
Special Ability: Mybekli are capable of great stealth. They can generate a bubble of silence around them, which prevents any sound they make from being heard. They can hear what’s going on outside of the bubble, however, and they use this to great effect when hunting. Powerful greens can create larger bubbles and some High Matriarchs have been powerful enough to create layered bubbles.
Breath Weapon: Their breath weapon isn’t technically a breath weapon. It’s an innate, minor magic that converts regurgitated stomach acid into a poisonous cloud. This cloud has a short range but is effects are lethal.
Eggs: Eggs have a camouflage green colour
Hatching Grounds: Green wyvern prefer to nest in grassy areas, preferably in very tall grasses.