Territory of Origin: Vileshte Island
Trivia: these massive wolf-like animals are most closely associated with the Sisterhood of Sword and Sorcery

Habitat: lower woodlands

Gender and age distinctions
Group: pack

Size of litter: 3-5
Type of offspring: live
Raised by: pack


Colouration: light grey
Flesh Covering: fur
Number of Eyes: 2
Positioning: front
Tails: their tails are longer than you’d find on a standard wolf
Mode of walking: quadruped
Foot type: paw
Warm or cold-blooded: warm
Sleep pattern: they prefer to be nocturnal, but can be active during the day
Variations: Naerwolves found further west have a darker fur colour and shorter tails.

While this species is technically omnivorous, they prefer a diet of meat. Deer, rabbits, and fish when they can get them are preferred.