Territory of Origin: Salcreria, Tula’tevenn Province, Nomad Territories
Trivia: Often kept as pets

Intelligence: They’re smart and capable of speech via telepathy.
Habitat: They are common to most regions, although in the Darkrider territories they have been hunted to extinction by the wyvern who see them as a source of food for their young.

Gender and age distinctions
Young: Katling
Juvenile: Kit
Adult female: Wihr
Adult male: Wehr
Group: Clowder





Size of litter: 3-7
Type of offspring: live

Flesh Covering: fur
Number of Eyes: 2
Positioning: front
Wings: Katlings have small wings that are of no real use to them. Kits have wings that are a bit more well formed and they can be used for short flights. Adults have fully functional wings.
Tails: long, fluffy tail
Mode of walking: quadruped
Foot type: The long fur on the front legs of the katlings hides their paws. Their front toes won’t develop properly until they enter the kat stage, so the fur is there for protection. They have rabbit-like back feet. Kats develop proper toes and the hair on their forelegs is shorter. Adults lack the longer leg fur.
Warm or cold blooded: warm
Sleep pattern: preferentially nocturnal
Other: Adults don’t have droopy ears and are significantly taller than the juveniles. Their tails are quite a bit longer.

Pittins are entirely carnivorous and require a large amount of meat in their diets in order to function properly. Older pittins can eat other things, but still require a high amount of protein in their diet.