Second in size, they are quite similar in appearance to the ivenkli. The fans on the side of their heads serve as protectors to the vulnerable part of the neck where it connects to the head. The fans are made of bone with a thin covering of skin. To use one as a weapon they would swing the side of their head at their opponent, swatting them with the fan.

Ketali are the most feared wyvern on Keverynn. The females hate males of all species and have the most violent mating habits. They are the least likely to engage in recreational mating, but will take several partners when they wish to procreate. Their dislike for males has made them the least populous of the wyvern species. Given how strongly they are feared, this is a good thing in the eyes of the rest of the world.

Within their borders is their primary stronghold, Deathfire Ridge, named for the First Matriarch. The Fire Swamp is the most dangerous location on the western banks of Arcetes. It is filled with geysers that spew out combustible gases; most of these gases combust on contact with air. Others have a very low flash point and are easily ignited. The ground is a mixture of swamp and quicksand. The animal life is nearly all avian with a few swamp dwelling reptiles.

Blood Lake sounds much more ominous that it is. The waters of the lake are crystal clear, but the lake bed is covered in blood red soil which gives the lake its colour.

Males of this species are even more timid than ivenkli males. They have only minor magics as they aren’t taught more than that. They have as much potential as the females but are simply too timid to use it. In appearance, they have green talons, fans, and black wing sails.

Size: 25-30 hands high at shoulder (100-120 inches/255-306 cm)
Special Ability: Ketali are all spell casters. Females are on par with silver dragons and some, such as the High Matriarch, have been known to be even more powerful.
Breath Weapon: They breathe fire, which is the product of a chemical they produce in their second stomach. This chemical ignites on contact with air.
Eggs: Eggs are a rusty colour.
Hatching Grounds: They like to lay their eggs in secluded, muddy areas.