Tiann are covered in scales with a pair of inwardly curving horns at the top of their heads. Their silver eyes are solidly colored and have a liquid quality to them. Tiann are quite laid back in personality. Their wings are a solid flap of thick skin attached to a scale covered wing arm. A small bit of slightly thinner skin stretches between the wing’s shoulder and the second joint. They have three clawed toes and a dewclaw on their feet and four claws on their hands. The hands are fully dexterous. They don’t get along well with solinn.

Males aren’t as interested in caring for the eggs, but are quite interested in helping the female to teach the young dragons. They aren’t monogamous in nature, but some have been known to form permanent partnerships.

Size: 121 to 148 feet (35-45 meters)
Territory: Shu’venath Province
Special Ability: Tiann can use the highest forms of magic, summoning elementals and doing things that most non-dragons wouldn’t dare to do.
Breath Weapon: They emit a kind of cold fire that is produced by mixing a chemical that their body creates naturally in their second stomach with their saliva. This produces a burst of something that looks like flame, but is actually cold.
Egg Colour: light grey with a silky feel and a distinct shine to them
Hatching Grounds: Tiann lay their eggs in sandy areas by preference as they like to bury them to keep predators from seeing the shiny shells from a distance.
Lifespan: Tiann can live anywhere between four and six centuries. Dragons who Choose riders tend to have a shorter lifespan, especially during times of war.
Reproductive Cycle: To mate, tiann engage in aerial displays to impress the females. It’s not necessarily the most impressive, complex display that attracts a female’s attention, but how well executed a display is. Mistakes annoy them, so they’ll pass over a male with an elaborate dance with a slight flaw for males with simpler, perfectly executed displays.