Status among wyvern tends to be hereditary. The population is broken up into clans. Every wyvern clan has a Matriarch, who is virtually always the daughter of the previous Matriarch. There are a few exceptions to this. Beneath the Matriarch, the status of the other females in the clan is determined by several factors which include strength in their racial abilities, success in combat, favor with the Matriarch, number of live offspring, and the rank of their rider if they have one. High status leads to larger harems.

Clans are usually comprised of a greater number of males than females. Males perform a wide variety of tasks, acting as drones. They are attracted to power and will flock to the females with the higher status. It is ultimately at the female’s discretion which males she will allow into her harem, discarding lesser males.

Clan members are answerable to their Matriarch and she is answerable only to the High Matriarch, the most powerful individual of each species. That position also tends to be hereditary, but sometimes a Matriarch can challenge for it. Those fights are always fatal for one participant. If the High Matriarch wins, she kills the challenger. The only possible way to win is to kill the High Matriarch as the species won’t accept a new High Matriarch otherwise.

In each harem, the males will offer the choicest bits of their kills to the female. Mostly she accepts, but she does occasionally decline the offer.