Alpunn are covered in a hide that feels like very soft skin. Over that skin is a fluffy layer of fur that is very thick and rests over an insulating layer of fat that keeps them warmer in the colder climate of their territory. No other kind of dragon has that. No other dragon has fur, for that matter. Their wings have more in common with a siathi’s than what is standard for a dragon. Their heads sport feathery crests. Hind legs have three toes with retractable claws and the front legs have four fingered hands. The claws on the hands are retractable and hooked like a cat’s.

Alpunn don’t eat much, even as hatchlings. At birth, a single bird will usually suffice or a large rabbit. As adults, one goat is enough to satisfy their appetites. In comparison, a single adult gold dragon can easily eat as much as three adult whites in one sitting.

Alpunn are polygamous. One male will sometimes have two or three females that he mates with on a semi-regular basis. The females he mates with nest in the same area and, like horses in a herd, watch over each other’s offspring. The male, generally, has little to do with the care and teaching of the young. The group is exclusive to itself unless one dies. If a female dies, the male seeks out a new one. If the male dies, the females look for different males, splitting up in their search.



Size: 65 to 82 feet (20-25 meters)
Territory: Tula’tevenn Province
Special Ability: They can change their form to imitate large animals. They have a hard time with smaller animals and humanoids.
Breath Weapon: They breathe a cold mist that solidifies after it hits something, freezing it completely. This is quite lethal as the freezing process instantly kills living things.
Egg Colour: white with a rough texture to them
Hatching Grounds: They like to lay eggs in caves.
Lifespan: White dragons have a fairly short life, averaging 80-120 years.
Reproductive Cycle: Alpunn court each other on the ground and mate on the wing like birds.