No one pays much attention to these small wyvern as they are quite isolationist in nature. They avoid anything to deal with the other wyvern and even hold themselves apart from the rest in war time. There is no size difference between the males and females.

Matriarchs rule over sections of the Snow Demon Mountains where the white wyvern live. Females have harems, but they don’t live with them all the time. The males live and hunt together while the females prefer to live alone, visiting their harems when they want to use the males for something. Sometimes the females will opt to guard the eggs herself. In these cases, the males will hunt and bring her food.

The four segmented fan behind their jaws is made up of five bones with skin stretched between them, similar to how the wingsails are built. These fans are fully mobile and are used to convey emotion in combination with body posture. Other wyvern use facial expressions in combination with body posture, but as white wyvern are smaller and have less musculature in their faces, they need another means of expression.

Males are white with cream-colored wing sails and silver talons. They aren’t very timid, but they aren’t bold either.

Demonsbreth Canvern is their stronghold. Icefell and Glacier Pass are minor locations and used mainly for the Darkriders.


Size: 16-20 hands at shoulder (64-80 inches/163.2-204 cm)
Special Ability: They can influence weather patterns.
Breath Weapon: They breathe a cold mist that solidifies after it hits something, freezing it completely. This is quite lethal, as the freezing process instantly kills living things.
Eggs: they are very light grey in colour
Hatching Grounds: The like cold caves for laying their eggs in. Unlike most egg laying species, cold helps the eggs to mature.