Territory of Origin: Salcreria
Trivia: The plural form of the word is wyndchilds.


An average wyndchild can move at a speed of 95 km/h on the ground. In flight, they travel at 125 km/h. Carrying a passenger, this speed drops to 110km/h.


General Personality Traits: They group together in herds. Unlike a herd of horses, all of the mature drekels breed, not just the leader. They have very good memories and can list their genealogy back at least five generations. This is to prevent accidental inbreeding. It’s not uncommon for the younger herd members to break off and roam on their own, joining other herds or forming one of their own.
Sounds: horse-like
Habitat: grasslands





Gender and age distinctions

Male: Drakel
Female: Elliy
Young (generic): Wyklinn
Young male: Draklinn
Young female: Elliyonn
Group: herd





Estrus: annual, early summer
Gestation: 9 months
Size of litter: single
Type of offspring: live
Raised by: mother
Weaned: 4 months
Independant: 1 year
Maturity: 2 years
Standard Life Expectancy: 20 years

A wyndchild’s eye


These animals are generally horse shaped with horse-like heads, manes, and tails.
Colouration: They all sport shaggy, two toned coats in colors quite different from any other species of equine. They bear markings that run from the base of the tail, up the back of the neck along the hairline, down the nose, continuing under the chin and down the front of the neck to continue along the belly and back to the back legs. Swirl patterns that are unique to each individual mark them, making it easier for an outsider to tell them apart. Some have more, some have less.
Flesh Covering: fur and scales
Number of Eyes: 2
Positioning: side
Wings: On their shoulders, they each have tufts of fur that mark where their wings come out.
Tails: 1, horse-like
Mode of walking: quadrupedal
Foot type: The long legs are furred only to the knee on the front legs and to the hock on the rear ones. From those points down, the legs are covered in scales down to the top of the shiny black cloven hooves.
Warm or cold blooded: warm
Sleep pattern: diurnal
Variations: Fully grown and mature males, called draklinn, have whiskers sprouting from just behind their nostrils.


Wyndchilds are herbivores, preferring to graze on the long grasses that make up Salcreria. They occasionally enjoy fruit and flowers.