Kingdom: Kashe
Phylum: Siavac
Class: Evirbu
Order: Laniko
Family: Scleota
Genus: Apsilo
Species: Yahal
Scientific name: Sceoclic Apsilo (Long necked horn)
Territory of Origin: Elnnwood

General Personality Traits:
Sounds: Bucks make loud barking sounds to attract mates

Gender and age distinctions
Young: fawn
Adult female: doe
Adult male: buck
Group: herd

Estrus: annual, typically in late summer to early fall
Gestation: 10 months
Size of litter: single
Type of offspring: live
Raised by: mother
Eyes open: at birth
State at birth: live, able to walk within hours
Weaned: around 6-8 months
Independant: around their 1st birthday
Maturity: Between the ages of 1-2
Standard Life Expectancy: 10-12 years in the wild. Domesticated yahal can live nearly double that.

Colouration: brown
Flesh Covering: short fur
Number of Eyes: 2
Positioning: front
Tails: one, short
Mode of walking: quadruped
Foot type: three toed paws
Warm or cold blooded: warm
Sleep pattern: diurnal

Yahal have short backs and long necks. Their heads are oddly humanoid. Both genders sport a single antler sprouting backward from the center of their forhead. The front of the long neck is covered in fluffy fur while the rest of the body has shorter fur.

They are browsers, and feed primarily on foliage of grasses, sedges, forbs, shrubs and trees. They have small stomachs and high nutrition requirements. They require a moderate amount of minerals such as calcium to support antler growth, and this further necessitates a nutrient-rich diet.