Naga are serpent people. A female is called a nagi. Males are referred to as nag. Young naga are called nagini. They have pointed ears, slanted eyes, an upper torso that looks human and the lower body of a large snake. As a result, they aren’t very tall. They are capable of using their tails to give them some height, but they can’t maintain such a posture for long.

The serpent portion of a naga’s body varies in shades of red. For hair, skin tone, and eye color, however, the race tends to be largely similar. They have medium brown to black hair (though the occasional light brown/dirty blond will pop up). Eyes tend to be yellow, orange, or green. Their skin tone varies in shades of grey. Some have even had a greenish grey tone.

Naga see well in the dark. They dislike the cold as they are cold blooded. They adore the heat.

A naga can live for a long time, as much as a thousand years. 250 years would be considered short in their eyes. At present, the oldest living member of their race is 964 years old and is a member of the Warrior Caste.

Naga eat a lot of rabbits, gazelle, tortoise, and assorted birds. They prefer to let the natural flavours of their food speak for themselves and don’t use a lot of seasoning. In sharp contrast, the lunyari enjoy spicy food. Everyone else falls somewhere in the middle.

Naga can sometimes use human furniture but they typically prefer things made for their body shapes, things lower to the ground. A typical naga chair is a large cloth sack stuffed with grain husks. They can comfortably coil their serpentine tails around it and adjust the malleable chair around their humanoid torso.
Saddles used by the naga on the rare occasions that they ride are shaped like baskets so that they can stay on their mount without having to coil their tails around the animal or risk their tail getting caught in its legs.