The actual act is almost identical to that of the human race. It’s the courtship and familial structures that differ.

To start with, it’s the women who are in charge. They will only choose males that they deem suitable. The criteria for this varies from person to person, but the most prevalent of these is looks. The flashiest male will be chosen as a general rule. Other criteria include things like family status, talents, and sometimes even personality factors in. It’s not often that this choice is permanent; mating for life is very rare and considered to be limiting the gene pool. To keep things safe, careful genealogical records are kept. Genealogy is also important as is social standing. It’s not uncommon for wealthier women to have harems of men that they choose from.

When a female has chosen her male, he then lives with her until the third year of the child’s life unless circumstances dictate otherwise. A female will live in a house, usually with her mother or grandmother, who help her raise her young.