For as long as their recorded history extends, this very strict system has been in place and has remained unchanged. Each Caste level consists of between seven and twelve family names and a set number of permissions and duties go with each level.

1. Caste of Rulers – 7 families
2. Caste of Courtiers – 9 families
3. Caste of Warriors (Lancers) – 12 families
4. Caste of Warriors (Archers) – 12 families
5. Caste of Warriors (Staff weapons) – 12 families
6. Caste of Warriors (Defenders) – 12 families
7. Caste of Scholars – 10 families
8. Caste of Artists – 8 families
9. Caste of Merchants – 8 families
10. Caste of Constructors – 11 families
11. Caste of Farmers and Herdsmen – 12 families
12. Caste of Workers – 12 families
13. Caste of Priests – 9 families

It should be noted that while marriage is not permitted outside of one’s Caste, they do recognize that with a social structure as rigid as this one there is a heavy danger of inbreeding. As such, to keep the bloodlines pure, women are permitted to bear children with a man from another Caste, though permission must be sought through the proper channels first.
This process involves petitioning the head of your family name, the head of the Caste, and the Assembly. Only when the petition is approved can a woman seek a suitable father.